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Heath Board of Health
One East Main Street, Heath, MA 01346
Phone: (413) 337-4934 Ext. 8 Fax: (413)337-8542

Board of Health Clerk Office Hours: Mondays, 4:30-6:30 p.m.

A few important public health updates for you:

·         Tick season predicted to be especially brutal this year. Take all precautions and check daily for ticks on yourself, others, and your animals. When you find a tick, send it to UMass for testing: Heath Board of Health provides reduced rates for testing.

Schedule for meetings: The first Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m.

June 27 6:15 p.m.; joining Board of Selectmen after Special Town Meeting at the Community Hall

June 28 Regular Meeting

July 12  Regular Meeting

Aug 2  Regular Meeting and Hearing

(Additional meetings to be determined on Aug 2)

FRCOG Board of Health online permitting is now being used for the following permits:  Temporary Food Establishments, Food Establishments,Well Application, Solid Waste Hauler, Septic Hauler, Septic Installer, Recreational Camps for children, Public/Semi-Public Pools, Perc Test Request Form,Soil Evaluation & Percolation Test,  Hotel/Motel/Family -type Campground, Emergency Beaver Dam Modification, Septic Disposal Works Construction, Local Upgrade Approval, and Tobacco & Nicotine Delivery Product Sales.

FRCOG Cooperative Public Health Service Community Health Needs Assessment CLICK HERE

To access the most recent  FOOD RECALLS .              New Home Burial Guidelines, Application, and Policy Porta-potty Permit


REVISED PERC INSTRUCTIONS Revised Septic Regulations


Temporary Occupancy Regulations REVISED

Please click for complete revised Private Well Regulations

Please look at the bulletin board downstairs at the town hall for information and updates on all of our programs. BOH minutes are kept upstairs in the BOH office space and are available for reading. The minutes are now also being posted on this website. Click on the following link to go to the Board of Health meeting minutes page: MINUTES

A reminder to all: if you are selling or buying a residence in Massachusetts, a Title V inspection is required. This is the seller’s responsibility. ALL TITLE 5 INSPECTIONS MUST BE WITNESSED BY THE BOARD OF HEALTH AGENT, GLEN AYERS: 413-834-5729. Please instruct your inspector to notify GLENAYERS @ FRCOG.0rg when scheduling an inspection .

Duties of the Heath Board of Health


Determining health needs of community

Making local regulations and policies, including:

  • Private well regulations
  • Smoking in private clubs regulations
  • Massage regulations
  • Local title 5 regulations Septic hauler regulations
  • Local storm drain regulations
  • Isolation and quarantine regulations

Hold public hearings

Define permits and fees

Enforcement of regulations made under State Sanitary Code and Environmental Code

Notice of violations and follow-up

Approvals and inspections

Handling of complaints, documentation and follow-up

Records, Record Keeping and Reports

Submit annual report to town

Maintain numerous records

Process numerous types of reports of cases and diseases

Maintain minutes of all meetings

Maintain written record of all complaints received, (written, verbal, anonymous or named)

Bill homeowners and business owners for work done, and track payments

Health Care and Disease Control

Receive reports of disease dangerous to public health, including reports from schools and doctors, include lead poisoning.

Keep records of these reports. Follow up

Report cases to DPH

Prevention of dangerous diseases

Coordinate availability and disbursement of vaccines

Link to Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health

Housing and Dwellings

Enforce state sanitary code re: standards for fitness for human habitation

Enforce state’s lead poisoning prevention regulations

Inspect and certify public lodging houses, B&B, camps

Involvement with oil spills

Respond to complaints re: common housing or rental units

Sanitary Sewage Disposal

Enforce Title 5 of State Environmental Code

Examine sites, witness perc tests, issue certificates of compliance, approve plans

Involvement with all new septic systems, failures, repairs

Issue Variances

Handle complaints

Evaluate potentially troublesome areas in town

Act to develop prevention programs, such as shared systems.

Subdivision control

Board Members:

Betsy Kovacs, Chair

Armand Clavette

Henry Godek

Susan Gruen

Tucker Jenkins

Margo Newton, Clerk

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