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Fiscal Year 2017 Tax Bills

Tax bills for Fiscal 2017 preliminary Real Estate and Personal Property  were mailed on June 28th. First quarter payments are due on August 1st, second quarter payments are due November 1st.  Interest is charged on any amounts not received in the collector’s office on those dates.  Please remember that postmarks are not considered. If you have not received a tax bill, please call the office for a duplicate copy.

Payments can be made electronically using the Unibank Gold button below.

Credit Cards Now Accepted

On line payments may now be made through Unipay Gold a program of UniBank.  Click on the image for more information and to be directed to the Payment Center. You may only pay current tax bills using either a checking account or credit card.
Credit cards are also now accepted in the tax collectors office for payment of both currant or delinquent amounts, but additional fees associated with the use of a credit card will be charged.

Marked Excise
Overdue excise bills that are marked at the Registry of Motor vehicles will prevent you from renewing your license or registration.  These bills can be paid to either the tax collector or to the deputy collector,  Jeffery & Jeffery.  Payment must be in the form of cash, bank check or money order. Personal checks are not accepted. You can contact Jeffery and Jeffery at 413-967-9941, or visit their website Jeffery and Jeffery to make on line payments or for further information.

Tax Information

Quarterly Tax Bills:

Since the switch to quarterly billing, the first (August 1) and second (November 1) bills are estimated based on the previous year’s tax. The tax rate is typically set in December before the third (February 1) and fourth (May 1) bills are issued.  Bills are mailed twice yearly, and contain two stubs for payment of either the first and second or third and fourth quarters tax. Please remember that you must retain the second stub as you will not receive any additional notice that the quarter is due.

Due Date:

Tax bills are due in the collector’s office on the due date. Postmarks are not considered.  If you are paying by mail or by electronic banking, please remember that you payment needs to be made in advance of the due date in order to allow time for it to arrive.

Mailing Address:

If you have moved, it is your responsibility to notify the tax collector. Otherwise, your bill will continue to be mailed to your old address and you may not receive it. You are responsible for payment of your tax bill and any interest & penalties even if you have never receive it as long as it was mailed to the best address on record.


If you feel that your property is incorrectly valued, you have the right to file for an abatement. Abatements are issued by the Board of Assessors (not the Tax Collector).  Property owners should normally apply for an abatement after the valuations are published in December (see Assessors’ page), within 30 days after the third quarter bill is mailed.  You cannot apply for an abatement based on your estimated bill, you must wait until the values are published.


Your property is valued by the Board of Assessors, not the Tax Collector. If you have questions about your valuation please contact the Assessors.

Abatement Applications:

Abatement application forms for Real Estate, Personal Property or Motor Vehicle excise are available from the Board of Assessors or can be accessed here:

motor vehicle abatement form

Click here for more information about:

Motor Vehicle Excise Tax

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