Heath Volunteer Fire Department

fire-dept-image3The mission of the Heath Fire Department is to provide superior service to the residents and property owners of the Town of Heath in an effort to protect their lives, property and environment. The members of the Heath Fire Department will accomplish the mission through fire suppression, fire prevention, public education, emergency response and non-emergency response. The department will maintain the highest level of readiness, enabling delivery of firefighting and emergency rescue services in a safe, competent, and caring manner.


Contact:  Chief, Kenneth Gilbert


Non-emergency   413-337-4461                                                     email: heathfd@crocker.com

Anyone interested in possibly joining the fire department or the association may stop in or call to make arrangements to come by and talk with one of the members.   We especially encourage junior members, age 14 and up to join the department.  You do not need to be a participating member of the fire department to be a member of the association.  All are welcome.

* Age 14-18 eligible to become a junior firefighter.


*Attendance at trainings and meetings, and becoming a positive team member.

Meetings and Trainings:

*Heath Fire Department trainings are currently the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 P.M.

*Heath Firefighters Association meetings are scheduled for the first Thursday of each month starting at 6:00 P.M. and are held at the station.

US Fire Administration Link for information on fire prevention/awareness, management & safety, training & professional development, etc.

To All Residents fo the Town of Heath - A letter went out recently informing residents about the importance of posting your house number visibly for emergency responders. Please see list below and letter and the full text of Town of Heath Bylaws and MGL statute. Questions? Call Ken Gilbert, 337-4461. Thank you for your cooperation.


Letter Sent to All Residents

Town of Heath General Bylaw 8.2 Property Identification

8.2.1 Street numbers shall be attached to each dwelling, business, industry, and other buildings which are not accessory in nature in the Town of Heath.

8.2.2 The number shall be made of permanent, weatherproof materials, shall be at least 3” in height in a contrasting color, and shall be clearly visible from the public way upon the structure fronts.

8.2.3 Any structure that is not visible from the street or roadway shall have the assigned number posted on a suitable support at the entrance of the driveway that services such structure.

8.2.4 The numbers posted shall be those assigned to each structure as filed in the office of the Board of Selectmen. They shall advise the owners of the property of the assigned or reassigned number in writing at the property’s tax address. (This is done by the appointed E911 Coordinator. Budge Litchfield currently serves in this capacity. The street number listing is available at the Town Hall and on the town’s website, www.townofheath.org. If you need a number assigned to your property, please phone Mr. Litchfield at 337-4957.)

8.2.5 It shall be the responsibility of each property owner in the town to obtain, maintain, and display the assigned street number within 90 days of adoption of this bylaw at the Town Meeting or 90 days after notification of the assigned number by the Board of Selectmen, whichever comes last. Failure to comply with this bylaw shall subject the property owner to a fine of not more than $25.00 for each offense daily after warning by the Police Department. This bylaw shall be enforced by the Police Department. (May 9, 1992). If your property does not have a building on it but is used for camping or there may be a reason for an emergency call in the future, the street address should be secured on a post and visible from the road.

MGL Ch. 148, Section 59: Every building in the commonwealth, including, but not limited to, dwellings, apartment buildings, condominiums, and business establishments shall have affixed thereto a number representing the address of such building. Said number shall be of a nature and size and shall be situated on the building so that, to the extent practicable, it is visible from the nearest street or road providing vehicular access to such building.


Enforcement of these regulations is contained in the Town of Heath General By-laws Sect. 8.2.5 (see above).

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