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Historical Commission

The Heath Historical Commission in Franklin County, Massachusetts serves to identify, preserve, and protect the historic resources of our community. We will strive to work with other town boards, committees and organizations whose interests involve community planning, preservation, and education.
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Member: Heather Hathwell
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Email: historicalcommission at townofheath.org
1 East Main St Heath, MA 01346
Phone: 413-337-4934 Fax: 413-337-8542


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The Heath Historic District was celebrated with an Ice Cream Social on the Common in 2008
A 2008 Ice Cream Social celebrated the creation of the Historic District.

The Heath Historic District was named to the National Register in 2008 after completion and publication in 2007 of the initial survey plan of Heath’s historic features, including all buildings over 50 years old. Heathan members of the Commission engaged in this arduous but rewarding work included Del Viarengo (the Commission chair at the time), Janis Carr, Carol-Anne Eldridge, Donald C. Freeman, Eric Grinnell, Pegge Howland and Ned Wolf. Their work is documented in the Town of Heath Historic Properties Survey Plan of 2007, prepared by the Massachusetts Historical Commission with data provided by the Heath Commissioners.

The Historical Commission is pleased to note that, just in time for the 2013 Heath Fair, six signs appeared on the main roads leading into Heath that mark the boundaries of the Heath Historic District. We express our appreciation and gratitude to all who have worked on or with the Commission in making the posting of these signs possible, and for otherwise assisting the Commission in fulfilling its state mandate to identify, preserve, and protect the historic resources of our town.

The Commission’s current objectives are to organize the Commission’s public records in the Town Hall and to complete a history of the Heath Historical Commission, formally established by a town vote on November 3, 1975, which will also serve as orientation materials for new members. Once we complete these tasks, we will be actively seeking new members to serve on the Commission. The work is engaging and rewarding, and we hope you will consider joining us as we continue our efforts to document the history and life of Heath.