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Superintendent Michael D. Smith

Forman Dohn Sherman

Crew Member Jason Lively

Crew Member Michael Shattuck

Pushing snow back away from ditches 3/10/11
Joey Sonntag conducts snow removal on 3/10/11

On May 27th 2010 the Heath Highway department responded to a mutual aid request in the town of Greenfield to assist storm damage removal. This picture shows Dohn Sherman and Jason Lively along with members of the MBTA from Boston working together to clear High Street.
On May 27th 2010 the Heath Highway Department responded on a mutul aid request to the City of Greenfield to assist with storm damage removal. Pictured here are Dohn Sherman on the right wearing the yellow high vis and Jason Lively behind the tree also wearing yellow High vis. The Heath crew worked with members of the MBTA from Boston. We were assinged to clear Main Street and High Street.

Look at the same weather forcast as the Highway Dept.

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