Town Accountant

Town Accountant: Tracey Baronas
Treasurer: Kristi Nartowiczheath-seal
1 East Main Street, Heath, MA  01346
413-337-4934, ext. 5


General Fund Expenditure Report 02/14/17

Other Funds Expense Report 02/14/17

General Fund REVENUE Report through 01/31/17

Other Funds REVENUE Report through 01/31/17


Reserve Fund Transfer Request Form

Travel Reimbursement Form 2017

Bill Schedule

Turnover to Treasurer Form

Hourly Employee Timesheet


Town of Heath Fraud Policy

Town of Heath Petty Cash Policy

Town of Heath Insufficient Appropriations Policy

Town of Heath Personal Reimbursement Policy Revised 042214

Town of Heath Electronic Invoice Policy

Town of Heath Internal Audit Policy

For Vendors

W-9 form

Worker’s Compensation Form (General Business)

Worker’s Compensation Affidavit (Contractors/Builders)

For Employees

W-4 Form (2017)

Form I-9

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